Hi, we’re Modyn.

We are the same dedicated team of designers pushing the boundaries and creating products people love.

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Our new name has reignited our passion for mobility design and spurred bigger ambitions.

Not only do we want to work more globally, but we want to design new and exciting futures that allow people to move more freely, easily and sustainably.

Team meeting in glass office looking at product
Man working on digital product designs
Person assembling a product
Two people looking at paper sketches of a product

When our founder Peter van der Veer started this company in 1984, he was a pioneer of mobility design. Today, partners Gert-Jan van Breugel, Rik de Reuver and Wim van Dijk are designing a future that honors this legacy by leading the industry with forward-thinking designs and technology.

Two people looking at sketches

Design that moves.

Design of blue Quinny stroller facing forward

So, are you ready to move into the future with us?

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See our work. Learn about our process. Meet our team.

Visit our new website

visit our new site